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What to do if I die aka The bus factor

Dmitriy Akulov edited this page May 11, 2021 · 6 revisions

Someone asked me what happens if I get hit by a bus.

Since jsDelivr is a pretty big service used by millions of people (Almost 70 billion hits per month at this moment) I think its a good question.

Except from me @jimaek, there is no single person with full access to every single service and server related to jsDelivr for security reasons. But different people have different levels of access and if combined can get access and continue to manage jsDelivr after my death.

This is a small guide about who you should contact and what to do.

I believe Justin Dorfman is the most qualified person to run jsDelivr. He is a CDN expert, he is a passionate open source advocate and a really good person. Even though he works for MaxCDN I believe he will run jsDelivr fairly and will co-operate with the other CDNs used by jsDelivr.

The first step will be verifying my inability to operate jsDelivr.

  • You can start by using my LinkedIn information to call me on my phone and Skype.
  • Check my social media at and facebook (Use my name to search for me). If there is nothing there then start contacting my friends asking for information.
  • If I completely disappear from the internet for more than 3 months and you cant contact me or my friends feel safe to start organizing

Who has access where:

These people are my contacts that have access to service that jsDelivr is using. I know most of them really well and you should have no issues organizing with them to have a smooth power transition.


  • Stackpath: Justin Dofrman and Chris Ueland will know what to do
  • Fastly: Contact support
  • CloudFlare: Terin Stock works for CloudFlare and is a friend of mine
  • Quantil: Contact Olaf Maltha

Note: Since jsDelivr is a multi-CDN you can safely remove a CDN that you cant get in contact or refuses to give you access.

Load-balancing and DNS

  • Cedexis: Jacob Wan will help with access and modifying the actual code
  • NSONE: Kristopher Beevers will help you get DNS access. NSONE is also used as an additional level of Failover for Cedexis

Code and bots

  • Martin Kolarik and Graeme Yeates will help you with everything related to public jsDelivr code including our bots, websites and API
  • The search functionality is powered by Algolia. Martin Kolarik and Vincent Voyer can you help with that.


  • The origin is not accessible to anyone. You will need to change the origin to a new server at each CDN. Martin has access to the code and can deploy the code to a new server.
  • The websites and the API are all public and can be easily deployed to new servers that the team has access to