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# Acceptable Use Policy
*Effective date: April 21, 2022*
Prospect One ("us", "we", or "our") operates the website (the "Service" or "jsDelivr").
By using jsDelivr, you agree to follow this Acceptable Use Policy (the "Policy").
If you are found to be in violation of the Policy at any time, as determined by
Prospect One in its sole discretion, we may warn you, prevent you from using our
Service, or take any other action we deem appropriate. Please note that we may
change our Acceptable Use Policy at any time, and it is your responsibility to
keep up-to-date with and adhere to the Policy posted here.
## 1. Permitted Use
jsDelivr works as a CDN for content already stored on npm, GitHub, and other
third-party services. These services are not operated by us, and each of them has
its own terms of use.
Any content accessed via jsDelivr must conform to the terms of the service from
which it was retrieved. For example, when you use jsDelivr as a CDN for GitHub,
the content must conform to all GitHub's policies.
Additionally, any content accessed via jsDelivr must conform to our own policies
as described in this document.
As long as you do not violate our rules:
- using jsDelivr is free for both personal and commercial use,
- there are no limits on bandwidth or number of requests,
- we will provide a reasonable level of support via GitHub issues and email for
urgent and private matters.
## 2. Hard Limits and Restrictions
To maintain the performance and security of our Service, we have
various limits and restrictions in place. These may include but are not limited to:
- maximum size of a single file,
- maximum number of files in a single package,
- maximum size of a single package,
- blocking of certain file extensions.
When requesting a resource that does not meet these limits, you will get an error
response indicating the reason. The limits are set considerably higher than needed
for most projects and may be further increased or removed for legitimate projects
on request.
## 3. Soft Limits and Recommendations
These limits are not automatically enforced by our Service, but you agree not to
exceed them:
1. For projects using our GitHub proxy:
- We recommend that the number of actively accessed files per repository
does not exceed 10 000. If you have considerably more files, a custom
proxy endpoint for your project may be a better fit.
- The soft limit for the number of files per repository is 100 000.
These recommendations are not automatically enforced by our Service, but may
indicate whether a project falls within the Permitted or the Prohibited use
when it is not immediately clear. We recommend that each project:
- has a meaningful name,
- has public documentation and an appropriate license that allows use by other people,
- in case of npm packages, links to a public source code repository,
- does not contain intentionally obfuscated code.
## 4. Prohibited Use
The following behavior is prohibited:
1. Hosting or accessing content that:
- contains malware or harmful code in any form,
- violates proprietary rights of others,
- is sexually explicit,
- is potentially illegal in the EU or the USA.
2. Abusing the service and its resources, or using jsDelivr as a general-purpose
file or media hosting service. This includes, for example:
- running an image hosting website and using jsDelivr as a storage for all
uploaded images,
- hosting videos, file backups, or other files in large quantities.
We recognize that there are legitimate projects that consist of a large number
of files, and these are not considered abuse. For example: icons packs, apps,
or games with a large number of assets.
3. Trying to bypass our limits or restrictions in any way. We will be happy
to remove limits or provide custom solutions for legitimate projects.
## 5. Additional Restrictions in China
jsDelivr holds an ICP license issued by the Chinese government,
which allows us to operate infrastructure directly in Mainland China.
To keep this license and allow our Chinese users to benefit from the performance
improvements it provides, any content served via our Chinese network must conform
to Chinese policies. Content potentially violating Chinese policies may be
blocked in China without warning.
## 6. Limitation of Liability
In no event will the Prospect One and/or jsDelivr entities be liable to you
or any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential,
or punitive damages arising out of or relating to your access to or use of,
or your inability to access or use, the websites and online services or any materials
or content on the websites and online services, whether based on warranty, contract,
tort (including negligence), statute, or any other legal theory, whether or not
the Prospect One and/or jsDelivr entities have been informed of the possibility of such damage.
## 7. Contact Us
If you have any questions about this Acceptable Use Policy, please contact us:
By email: [email protected]